Our Research

Our research helps investors build well-diversified multi-asset portfolios and profit from market developments. In addition, our unique and proven Macro – Sentiment – Valuation (MSV) investment framework ensures a consistent flow of new investment opportunities. Together with our market views, these opportunities will be reflected in our live ETF-based Global Multi-Asset Portfolios.

Below you will find a concise overview of our research publications.

The Daily Insight

Each day you will receive the Daily Insight, which will focus on everything from market headlines, historical asset class relationships to more exotic and educational topics to keep you on top of the markets.

The Weekly Market Monitor

We discuss the week’s biggest stories in financial markets in the Weekly Market Monitor. We link these stories directly to our live ETF-based Global Multi-Asset portfolios and the outlook for different asset classes.

Changes in Portfolio Weights

We send out a Portfolio Update each time we adjust our asset allocation or the composition of our ETF-based Global Multi-Asset Portfolios. We will inform you instantly when we adjust our portfolios to reflect changing market circumstances.

The Monthly Investor Guide

Once a month, we present our Monthly Investor Guide, which gives a comprehensive overview of our investment framework, going through all the major developments in Macro, Sentiment, and Valuation. We focus on the relative attractiveness of the different asset classes, new investment opportunities, and how this impacts the composition of our live portfolios.

Deep Insights

In our Deep Insights, we take an in-depth look at specific investment topics and market developments. The Deep Insights give you a strong sense of which indicators matter for future returns and reveal long-lasting relationships in financial markets. In addition, we will focus on real assets like commodities, gold, and bitcoin, as we expect that they will become more important over time.

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