Our research

Our research focuses on two principal components: Diversification and capitalizing on market developments.

True Insights offers all the data, tools, and visualizations you need to build and maintain well-diversified multi-asset portfolios. We present return, risk, and diversification data and analyze the impact of portfolio changes on these characteristics. We focus on a wide range of asset classes that goes beyond traditional equities and bonds.

Our unique and proven Macro – Sentiment – Valuation (MSV) investment framework determines the attractiveness of asset classes, finds new investment opportunities, and enables you to capitalize on market developments to enhance your portfolio return.

The Investor Area

At the heart of our research, you will find the Investor Area, where you will see the composition of the multi-asset portfolios and their key characteristics. We provide visualized information on three portfolios, each with its own risk level. The Investor Area also shows you our latest market views and how these views impact the portfolio weights of the different asset classes. In addition, you can go directly from the Investor Area to the latest Monthly Investor Guide, which covers all aspects of our Macro, Sentiment, and Valuation framework. And you can easily navigate to our Research output like the Daily Insight and the Weekly Market Monitor.

The Daily Insight

Each day you will receive the Daily Insight, which will focus on everything from market headlines, historical asset class relationships to more exotic and educational topics to keep you on top of the markets.

The Weekly Market Monitor

In the Weekly Market Monitor, we discuss the week’s biggest stories in financial markets directly linked to the multi-asset portfolios and the attractiveness of different asset classes.

Our Monthly Investor Guide

Once a month, we present our Monthly Investor Guide, which gives a comprehensive overview of our investment framework, going through all the major developments in Macro, Sentiment, and Valuation. And we look at the relative attractiveness of asset classes and the investment opportunities the framework reveals.

Deep Insights

In our Deep Insights, we take an in-depth look at specific investment topics and market developments. The Deep Insights give you a strong sense of which indicators do and do not matter for future portfolio return, reveal long-lasting relationships in financial markets, and determine the potential impact of new investment trends like, for example, bitcoin.

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