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We have partnered with LYNX, an award-winning online broker platform with a fast-growing presence and over 60,000 clients throughout Europe.

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Join LYNX and earn back up to EUR 100 in transaction costs*

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Get access to 150 markets in more than 30 countries

*terms and conditions apply. Click the LYNX website for your country on the right.

*temporarily up to EUR 250 if you are Dutch or Belgian.

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Linktrading provides ‘trade links,’ which directly take you to the LYNX platform. This way, you will know exactly which instrument we trade in our portfolios. If you decide to trade the ETF, which is your decision and responsibility, you can change the size, order type, and limit price to fit your portfolio.
The information shown through linktrading also enables you to find the same instrument but in another base currency.

For example, the iShares MSCI World SRI UCITS ETF comes in EUR (SUSW) and USD (SUWS). Type ‘ ISHARES MSCI WORLD SRI’ derived from the linktrading form in the search field, and comparable instruments will pop up.

Finally, the linktrading information also allows you to find ETFs from providers that offer similar investments at comparable costs. Many of them are available on the LYNX platform.

For example, type MSCI WORLD SRI derived from the linktrading form in the search field, and comparable ETFs of other providers will pop up.

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