Our unique investment philosophy

It’s better to invest based on what you observe than based on what you assume. The development of financial markets and asset classes repeatedly exhibits strong parallels with earlier times. This is why we believe an evidence-based, research-driven approach should be at the core of every investment portfolio and investment view.

The core beliefs of our investment philosophy:

A research-driven and structured investment approach increases the odds of realizing your investment goals

Diversification across different asset classes works

Markets are not always efficient, resulting in investment opportunities

Markets do not move on just economics, but on many other factors as well

Investment research should be straightforward and accessible.

Combining different asset classes reduces portfolio risk

Diversification across asset classes works. Many investors tend to overlook that investing is as much about risk as it is about return. Resourcefully spreading your investments across different asset classes reduces portfolio risk without having to give up return. This makes diversification a crucial part of any sound investment strategy and the starting point for constructing robust investment portfolios.

“Many investors tend to
overlook the fact that
investing is as much about
risk as it is about return…”

The virtues of a framework

No market moves in a straight line. Changing relationships, the rise of new asset classes, economic wobbles, uncertainty, and investor behavior all impact markets and portfolios in a significant way. A research-driven and structured investment framework increases the knowledge of the behavior and functioning of financial markets. Not only does this allow you to implement and maintain a high degree of portfolio diversification, but it also enables you to capitalize on market developments.

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