Our investment philosophy and framework

We believe an evidence-based, research-driven approach should be at the core of every investment portfolio and investment view. It’s better to invest based on what you observe than on what you assume.

We focus on multi-asset, as diversification is the only way to reduce risk without giving up return. Our proprietary ‘Macro,’ ‘Sentiment,’ and ‘Valuation,’ investment framework finds new investment opportunities in a structured manner.

We implement these opportunities in our live ETF-based Global Multi-Asset Portfolios. Together, our research platform helps you realize your investment objectives or those of your clients.

Straightforward and affordable

While things can get pretty complex in financial markets, our research is not. Investment research should be both straightforward and affordable. As a result, we present our research in an easy-to-understand and graphical manner at an attractive fee.

I’m very satisfied with the platform. I like the compact format of every different report. I find particularly useful the Daily Insight, but in fact I like the Weekly too.

I use the charts sometimes that you show, for my argumentation when I talk to my clients.
I definitely recommend this platform to others who need confirmationchallenge an opinion I could have. I like very much your historical approach.


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