The MSV Framework

History reveals that financial markets do not always function efficiently. Often investors themselves are the cause of this, as behavioral biases lead to irrational decisions. Since markets are not only driven by economic data, our investment framework includes a wide array of ‘Macro,’ ‘Sentiment,’ and ‘Valuation’ indicators. Put together, they determine the attractiveness of asset classes and help identify new investment opportunities.

Explain and forecast
market developments

Our Macro – Sentiment – Valuation, or MSV Framework builds on 20+ years of experience in multi-asset investment and focuses exclusively on those indicators that explain and forecast market developments.

We reach beyond traditional macro data like GDP growth, which offer little value when making investment decisions. Instead, we look at macro indicators directly linked to the returns of asset classes.

Sentiment & Valuation

Our MSV framework assesses a wide range of sentiment indicators to determine how other investors are positioned and whether or not to take a contrarian approach. In addition, our framework looks at an extensive list of valuation measures to establish the attractiveness of asset classes both from an absolute as well as a relative perspective.

Synergy in MSV

The synergy between the three pillars ‘Macro,’ ‘Sentiment,’ and ‘Valuation’ results in comprehensive and well-informed investment views and offers a consistent and structured way to allocate towards the most attractive asset classes and to benefit from market developments.

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